Maryam Ribordy






Headmistress of the dance school “Maryam, Ecole de danse orientale et danse thérapie” and founder of the “Esquisse d’Orient” association, Maryam is one of the few professional dancers and choreographers of international level, in Switzerland.





she continuously deepens her folklore knowledge (she has gained a varied and full repertoire of), which she shares all the originality through her classes, contributing to create that unique richness of the many shows organised by her school, from beginner, to professional level.

Maryam teaches belly dance since 2003. She composes and performs original choreographies on classical and modern arabic music.

Regularly invited as a soloist dancer at festivals and professional shows, Maryam had the pleasure to perform and/or teach at local and international events of high quality, such as:
Gypsy Festival (Zürich), Festival Internacional de Danza Oriental (Spain), Recital Egyptium, with writer Alex Cairo, Merhaba Tanzfestival (Germany), IFAD Badari Studio (Mexico), Hator Dance Festival (Germany), Cairo by night (France)


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