Shuela Bellydance

Dancer, teacher and choreographer of Oriental Dance, her life has changed since 2001 when starting to take her first lessons in belly dancing understands that it has entered into a world that already felt 'belong to her.
The love for this dance and the culture and history of the Arab people, they took her in the years to
pursue her own personal course of study traveling and studying in Italy and Egypt with great teachers and choreographers.
She participated in numerous festivals of oriental dance and is invited to perform at major events and shows.
Her dance is appreciated for its elegance, harmony and joyfulness and ranges from classical to modern up to the beloved Arabian folklore.
And 'considered a true master teacher in fanveils, accessory that she particularly likes.
She was awarded Best performance at the prestigious international competition
"Silk Road Award 2012" with a 'performance that has enchanted audiences and jury. It will be one of the teachers of the next edition of the festival "Silk Road Projects" to be held in Turkey in 2014.
Her greatest desire is to be able to convey the true essence of this dance that enhances the femininity and gives joy to the spirit, putting you in harmony with the world and life.
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