Mona Ghazi

Mona Ghazi is a Syrian dancer in Egypt.

Mona Ghazi started oriental dancing in 1993, besides oriental dance she had studied different dance genres such as ballet, jazz, flamenco and so. .

As she took her art from authentic sources her oriental , fascinating and sensual dancing became high standard.
From 1996 she became a professional dancer performing in most famous night clubs of the five stars hotels in the middle east, such as in Syria , Lebanon, Jordan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunis.

Also performed in many places in Europe- Vienna, Hungary, Geneva, and in the USA.

Her most famous Tv performance was in 2009 Hizzi Ya Nawaem Oriental Dance Show in Lebanese Tv LBC .

Mona is living and dancing in Cairo since 2008. She is performing in the most famous five star hotels in Cairo and Alexandria.


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