Alaa Abo Lelah

   Alaa Abo Lelah, Egyptian dancer adore his art. established a lot of Folklore dance troupes and festivals which still in Egypt until now. He traveled to a lot of countries for teaching the Egyptian dance and made a lot of choreographs to the most famous Oriental Egyptian dancers such as Lucy and Najwa Fouad.
Alaa Abo Lelah Won numerous awards and certificates in many of the international and arab festivals.
Also mad many of famous films and plays for Egyptian superstar artests. In cinema he presented many of the dance show films. Alaa abo Lelah worked with Mahmoud Reda through his private troupe and Reda Troupe which its belong to the Egyptian Govornment.


Now he Owns, designs and manages his private and strongest dance folklore egyptian troupe in Egypt which owns many of awads and appreciation Certificates from Egypt and the world.

Alaa Abo Lelah invites you to participate with him in his special Lelah Masriya Festival.

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