Maya Gaorry





"Maya Gaorry is a star dancer and a teacher of middle-eastern dance at an international level. She has a degree in psychology and has been devoting herself to the study and practice of oriental dance for many years. She is of Italo-Brazilian origin and lives in Trieste, Italy.

She is the president of Racks al Shark, an association for the promotion of middle-eastern dance and for the last years she organizes a teacher training course credited by UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti). She has been running workshops in many Italian cities, as well as in as in many other countries in Europe, South and North America, Asia, Africa and Middle East during importants festivals and events like the Amani Oriental Festival (Lebanon 2006 and 2011) and Egypt (Nile Group Festival 2010).
Maya Gaorry has enchanted audiences and students around the world with her elegant interpretation stile of Middle East Dance. Maya had performed in Egypt (Nile Group and Ahlan Festival), Austria ( Bauchtanzfestival) and Greece, here, she shot her first teaching video, which is one of the most popular in Italy in his genre. Maya has her own style creation “Sambalady”, mix of brazilian samba and oriental percussion, a big success all over the globe!!!"
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