Dana Minaříková Sahar

  Sahar is a prominent Czech dancer, instructor and choreographer. Sahar has been teaching oriental dance since 1999 and currently she has been running her own school of oriental dance. She has been studying dance with the world's most famous teachers and dancers, as well as apprehending dance in its natural environment, danced by native women.
She performs and teaches not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Egypt, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, etc. She danced in TV programmes and at prestigious venues - e.g.for Her Majesty Jordanian Princess, embassies of several Arab countries, different political and Royal personalities.  
  Sahar is also one of the contributors to a compilation book about oriental tance and culture. Every year she hosts large oriental shows, dance competitions and workshops with exquisite dance teachers from abroad. Her favourite dance styles is Egyptian raks sharki, drum solo with live musical accompaniment and folkloric dances of Egypt.


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