Saad Ismail





International prestigious choreographer and dancer.
saad ismail was born in Alexandria in Egypt, in 1953:
he studied Egyptian folklore dance with Mahmoud Reda and Ali Gendi.
He is also qualified anthropologist,graduated from the university of Alexandria and specialising in history, Culture, and customs of Asrabic folklore.
He has developed his own method of teaching based on the eight basic positions of the oriental dance.

Saad ismail currently lives in Rome in Italy,
where he has founded his own school and teaches classes there as well as in international workshops and festivals.
He is considered a pioneer of the oriental dance in Italy.
From 1980 he founded different dance troupes in Italy:
rakesy El Nile (1980), arabesc (1989),
and finally Ismail oriental Dance in year 2000.
Mainly representing Arabic dance and Egyptian folklore.
The dance company has participated in big festivals and television.
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