Prof, Dr. Hassan Khalil






Hassan Khalil is professor and head of department acting and directing in the Academy of dramatic arts in Cairo, since 1981 in Kuwait He is not only specialist for Egyptian folklore, also in the field of folklore of the Gulf he is very well know.
He was the first who did studies about the folklore dances of Egypt like Nuba, Hagallah, Port Said and more. In all this years he worked also in the field of theatre / drama.

He is a big regisseur at theatre, musical-theatre, operette and opera for many times.
He directed more than 72 dramatic plays and more than 40 operettes in Egypt
Hassan was professor at the High Academy for ballett in Cairo, to teach ballett-regie and national dances. He also was consultant of the ministry of information.
He was the general director of the Um Kalzoum theatre in Cairo, generalsupervisor for folklore in the ministry of culture, And member of the high council for sience and art in Cairo.
Since 1967 Prof. Khalil has got the first class decoration of Egypt for sience and art
Many times he did festivals for the national days of several Arabian countries.
 He did these festivals in hugh theatres or sport-stadiums with more than 1000 actors on the stage.For this big work Prof. Khalil got a lot of honours of kings and presidents.Hassan lived in the time of the great oriental dancers In 1986 Dietlinde Karkutli invited him to come to Germany to teach oriental dance.Since this time he has come to Europe to teach in the time between the semesters of the university and to give his love for the oriental dance to all dancers of the world.
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